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Immediate Teeth with TeethXpress

What is TeethXpress?

A Fast and Secure Tooth Replacement Solution

The amount of time required for tooth replacement can vary depending on the treatment used. Immediate teeth eliminate the wait associated with missing teeth replacement.

There are factors that affect the timing of your tooth replacement procedure. Your bone and gum tissue health, time to heal, and your tooth function and appearance goals are among those factors.

Immediate teeth solutions can include dental implants, implant supported dentures, single implants, and dentures. Treatment details and the above mentioned circumstances will determine your procedure’s time frame.

Your bone and gum tissue health will be examined during your initial oral examination. The options for immediate teeth will be discussed with you including the specific treatment details.

Contact Dr. William Zinney about your tooth loss. Schedule an examination to discuss your tooth replacement solutions including immediate teeth with TeethXpress

How Does TeethXpress Work?

The Easy and Fast Way to Teeth

Dr. Zinney will use between four and six implants and they will be placed at strategic locations in your jawbone. Because dental implants are so strong, an entire arch of teeth can be replaced with only a few dental implants.

Immediately after the implants are placed, special attachments are secured to the implants.  These attachments or abutments sit above gum tissue and become the anchor for the bridged teeth. The bridge is then screwed into the abutments.

You will leave that day with a set of gorgeous and functional teeth.  Find out if TeethXpress is the best way for you to have the new teeth you want immediately.

How Can You Benefit From TeethXpress?