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Surgery Repaired Implants

What is the Procedure Known as Bone Grafts or Surgery Repaired Implants?

Dental implants are designed to last. Over time certain factors such as weakened bone tissue or neglecting your oral health can cause problems for your implant.

Bone grafts are a common procedure for repairing and strengthening the tissue that holds your implant. Your gum tissue can become diseased and require tissue restoration as well.

Maintain the Health and Security of Your Dental Implant Treatment

It’s vital that you allow your implant site to heal according to your treatment plan recommendations. Tissue and implant damage can occur leading to the need for additional oral surgery to restore the implant to full function.

Stay current with your oral health care and follow-up treatment and observe any changes to your implant or the surrounding tissue.

Contact the office of Dr. William Zinney about your dental implant treatment. Schedule an examination to discuss any problems or changes occurring with your implant.