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I wish I had done this years ago. No more denture glue for me!

- Jane D. Birmingham, AL

Your Dental Fountain of Youth

Why Choose A Dental Implant?

In this day and age the most conservative, cost effective and least traumatic option for tooth replacement is the dental implant. It preserves the bone, soft tissue and the natural teeth around the implant. It looks and functions like a natural tooth. With a traditional bridge you run the risk of having to have the bridge replaced, losing adjacent teeth or needing additional implants.

New Teeth in a Day with TeethXpress

As we age, our teeth and previous dental work begin to breakdown and this can require root canals, bridges, extractions, partials and dentures. It can be frustrating hearing that there is something wrong every time you go to the dentist.

Most patients have never heard of TeethXpress or Teeth in a Day. It is really a miracle process. It can take you from a dental cripple to having a beautiful smile and new permanent teeth. What used to take years to accomplish can now be done in just a few appointments.

Never Suffer From a Loose Denture Again

If you wear a denture, you know the problems that come from denture mobility. Painful sores, difficulty in speech, and inability to chew many foods, are just the beginning. Fortunately, with dental implants, your dentures can be snapped into place and you will never need those expensive adhesives again. Find security in your dentures with dental implants.

Traditional Bridge vs. Dental Implant

Learn why a dental implant is the most conservative and predictable option for tooth replacement.

Smile Transformations

See How Implants Can Be Your Dental Fountain of Youth

Old School Dentures vs. Snap In Implant Dentures

See how implant dentures work compared to a traditional denture.